Welcome to Linh's home page, a place for me to organize and also share my programming projects, independent films, short stories, photos, and ramblings.

Fun Tech

  • NOTE: Avyn.com and SMS features temporarily disabled while I work on a new MVP! Stay tuned...
  • SMS to the AI CEO of FullAuto.ai: +1-234-562-2292 and have a chat with our first AiEmployee.ai!
  • SMS to Stable Diffusion image generator: Send your prompt to this phone number: +1-234-562-2293 and it'll reply with a brand new image based on your text. Try "beautiful landscape" or "astronaut riding horse on moon" or something crazy!
  • Avyn Search 10 million AI generated images using Stable Diffusion and create your own!
  • BadMozart make some music on your browser using a modified copy of the GoldBox/JummBox/BeepBox music sequencer! Future plans are to add some machine learning via a generative adversarial network (GAN).
  • Play Soda Toy! A fun recreation of the defunct Soda Player found on Github. More features coming soon...
  • LiteGraph fun! Drag nodes around and make something interesting! More coming soon...
  • Play Biz Goliath! A fun idle clicker game showing how corporate promotion can be fun and productive! I wrote this based off a template from the Unity Asset Store.
  • ML5 Example using ML5 machine learning javascript library
  • TensorFlow JS Example using the TensorFlow JS machine learning library
  • Pyodide Run and edit a neural network written in Python 3 and Numpy directly in your browser!
  • KIC 8462852 My first published co-authored scientific paper on a 1574-day periodicity of transits orbiting KIC 8462852 also known as Tabby's Star or the Alien Megastructure Star. It was published in the The Journal of the American Association of Variable Star Observers (JAAVSO).
  • Exo-planet transit explorer Create planets, asteroids, megastructures, and shapes to discover how a transiting exoplanet or alien megastructure might affect a star's light curve as seen by Kepler and other observatories. NEW: mobile friendly!
  • C# Roslyn I embedded the Roslyn C# compiler/interpreter that lets you edit and run C# or run pre-formatted code snippets via your browser.
  • I'm working on a C#/.NET re-imagining of Hadoop/Spark. Let me know if you'd like to help! The design goals are:
    1. Zero-configuration. It just works. Add a new node and it is automatically accepted into the swarm.
    2. Each node is independent and smart. No need for master or control nodes.
    3. Memory-based computing (a la Spark) with hard disk for back ups.
    4. Supports streaming and batch including all C#/.NET features including TPL, Rx, channels, etc.
    5. Simple distributed in-memory cache with parallel/async support with plug-in support for alternatives like Redis.
    6. Simple distributed message bus with plug-in support for alternatives like MassTransit/RabbitMQ.
    7. Online dashboard that lets you test new code in realtime. Type and run! No build, copy, and run/test cycle needed.
    8. Fully redundant and resilient: The network organically recovers from node or connection loss.
    9. Beyond Spark and current paradigms, this could be used for: in-memory distributed databases and a general distributed computing platform or as an alternative to microservices architecture.
    Currently in very early stage pre-alpha built on .NET Core 2.1 and SignalR/Roslyn. Plan to open source once alpha milestone reached. Email linh@linh.com.
  • Deep Dream Run Google's incredible Deep Dream neural network algorithm right in your browser with parallel worker tasks.
  • Image Painting From ConvNetJS, train a neural network to paint a photo you upload. Fascinating watching the learning happening.
  • Deep Q Learning Train a ConvNetJS creature to eat berries and avoid poison. My plan is to add procedural level generation, additional agents, etc.
  • Recurrent Neural Network Train a network to predict the next words in the style of a particular author. Nifty.
  • Javascript AI Editor A live javascript editor with access to the ConvNetJS library and code snippets. Run neural nets in your browser!
  • 2D Machine Learning My experiments with a 2D physics engine and deep learning.
  • Python & Turtle Graphics Run Python right in your browser with turtle graphics snippet.
  • Leaflet Example using the LeafletJS mapping library
  • Cassandra query:
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